Dr. Susanna Rosi PhD

Principal Investigator
Altos Labs Bay Area Institute
Adjunct Professor, Departments of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science,
Neurological Surgery, University of California San Francisco

Dr. Susanna Rosi is the Lewis and Ruth Cozen Chair II, Professor in the Departments of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science and Neurological Surgery at UCSF.  She studies the mechanisms responsible for the cognitive dysfunctions observed after traumatic brain injury, therapeutic brain irradiation and galactic cosmic ray exposure. Her work provided the mechanistic evidence for the role of microglia in the development of cognitive deficits after brain injury in a sex dependent manner. She was the first to demonstrated that modulation of the Integrated Stress Response rescues cognitive deficits after brain trauma; and rejuvenates old mice by alleviating memory deficits and restoring neuronal and immune dysfunctions. She has been the recipient of several NCI, NIA, NINDS awards, she is a NASA investigator and the recipient of the 2021 J.W. Osborne Award for “fundamental discovery on normal tissue radiation responses” from the Radiation Research Society.