Dr. Mariano Viapiano PhD

Department of Neurosurgery
Department of Neuroscienze and Physiology
State University of New York
Upstate Medical University
New York (NY) | USA

I am a neuroscientist with training in developmental neurobiology and matrix biology. For the past 18 years, I have studied the interactions between malignant glioma cells and their neural environment, focusing on secreted factors and extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins that promote tumor growth, invasion, chemoresistance, and immunosuppression. After successfully identifying unique variants of ECM proteins present in gliomas (as a postdoctoral researcher), I initiated my independent career at The Ohio State University in 2006, where my laboratory discovered novel signaling mechanisms of neural ECM proteins and described for the first time the direct activation of Notch signaling by soluble factors in cancer (Hu et al., Cancer Res (2012) 72:3873-3885). In 2012, I relocated to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Harvard Medical School, where I directed the Harvey Cushing Neuro-Oncology Laboratories and initiated a translational research program to target ECM molecules in malignant gliomas. In 2016, I joined SUNY Upstate Medical University to initiate the first program in experimental neuro-oncology in the Department of Neuroscience and to direct the SUNY Upstate Brain Tumor Laboratory and Biorepository. Currently, my laboratory pursues basic research studying the microenvironment of brain tumors, as well as translational studies of glioma biomarkers and preclinical development of biological agents for these tumors. This research has been steadily supported with extramural funds since 2007, including Federal funding since 2009.

Ongoing and recently completed projects that I would like to highlight:

Hendricks Fund Pilot Research Grant
Viapiano (PI)
08/01/21 – 12/31/22
A new approach to identify and target brain cancer-specific glycoantigens

NIH 1R21NS114615
Viapiano (PI)
10/01/2019 – 12/31/2022 (NCE)
Targeting the tumor matrix as immune-boosting strategy for malignant gliomas

Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust
Boukli (PI) – Role: Other significant contributor
09/01/2019 – 08/31/2022
HIV-1 gp120 promotes glioma tumor growth and chemotherapy resistance via unfolded protein response