Dr. Donna Wilcock PhD

Robert P. and Mildred A. Moores Endowed Chair in Alzheimer’s Disease
Sanders-Brown Center on Aging Professor
Department of Physiology
University of Kentucky
Lexington (KY) | USA

Donna M. Wilcock, PhD, is the Robert P. and Mildred A. Moores Endowed Chair in Alzheimer’s Disease at the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging and Professor in the Department of Physiology at the University of Kentucky. She also serves as Assistant Dean of Biomedicine in the College of Medicine. Dr. Wilcock was received her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology from Cardiff University. She obtained her Ph.D. at the University of South Florida, and completed postdoctoral training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Duke University. Her research is focused on vascular cognitive impairment and dementia (VCID), a common cause of dementia and frequent co-morbidity with Alzheimer’s disease pathology. She is performing translational research on VCID, ranging from studying molecular mechanisms through identification of novel biomarkers in patients. She is primarily focused on inflammatory and angiogenic processes, as well as studying the influence VCID has on the progression and severity of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, Donna serves as the Biomarker Core Director for the University of Kentucky Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. Her work is funded by the National Institute on Aging and the National Institute on Neurological Disorders and Stroke.